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2021-10-6 · Cast iron pipe was once heavily utilized for providing exceptionally strong and long-lasting pipework for drains and sewers. Although the pipe has since fallen out of favor due to heavy rust accumulation, a cast iron pipe is still used for a variety of reasons, and nothing can cut cast iron pipe quite like an angle grinder.


2019-10-10 · angle grinder will fly through, however the blade will not be big enough to make the cut right through, if it''s in the corner you''ll understand you can''t get the cutter all the way around.

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Tube cutting tools make precise cuts, which is especially important for cutting new pipe. Unlike the other tools mentioned below, this tool only works to cut pipe. So, you might not want to invest in this tool unless you plan to make a lot of projects with pipe. Angle Grinder. Source

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 · I use an angle grinder with a diamond blade that cuts through cast iron like a hot knife through cold butter. I own a snap cutter but it has its limitations along with the fact that when it "snaps" it can expand your work detail if the piping is questionable where it is to be cut, or the bottom of the piping is thinning out, causing the chain to collapse and cause and uneven break.

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 · Near New Orleans. Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:56 pm. One issue you will always face when cutting a mandrel-bent profile, is stress-relief made by the cut. This is what makes the "oval" when you try to fit that cut end to a square-cut piece of pipe. There are natural stresses imparted on the metal in the bend, and the cut tends to relive part of them.

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2021-7-20 · Cutting cast iron pipe with an angle grinder is super easy.Die grinder vs angle grinder 2021 rst, use a ratchet tool to make sure that the diamond surface, reciprocating saw blade, or metal cut off disc is attached firmly to the angle grinder.For doing the job you can use a hacksaw for better use and placement.

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2020-12-15 · Step 5: Start Cutting. Now, you have to begin the cutting job. Start the angle grinder and place it over the marked section. You have to continue around the entire perimeter section of the cast iron pipe. This will allow the grinding wheel to penetrate through a single point of the pipe.

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 · High quality Bosch metal cutting angle grinder discs. Suitable for all 230mm (9") angle grinders. Thickness : 3.0mm Diameter : 230mm Bore : 22.2mm

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 · 1,002. Country: You need a stone cutting disc. A 4 1/2 inch angle grinder with a 100mm disk should just about manage it. I''ve used a 250mm disk in one but it gets rather "interesting" & can be dangerous if your not very, very careful. Don''t force it, just take your time & you should be OK & wear a proper repertory mask not the thin paper ...


2021-10-3 · Now I need to cut off the cup to facilitate repair using ABS part with rubber connections to drain and vent. A chain break does not fit between the pipe and the wall; there is no room for a reciprocating saw; so I am considering a 9" angle grinder operated with the cutting wheel facing up.

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2021-11-28 · Buy Now. 9.9. DiamondX 4 1/2-Inch (4.5″) Blade for All Purpose Cutting of Metal including Rebar, Sheet Metal, Ductile Pipe, Angle Iron, Stainless Steel and Similar Materials. Buy Now. 9.4. WORKPRO 20-pack Cut-Off Wheels, 4-1/2 x 7/8-inch Metal&Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel, Thin Metal Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder.

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How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Cast Iron Pipe. To safely and effectively cut cast iron pipe, some planning is required oose an appropriate disc to attach to your angle grinder. Before cutting, stabilize the pipe and formulate a plan for getting the cut section safely to the ground.

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An angle grinder is a widely used cutting tool. Its high rpm rotating speed can easily cut any steel structure to a wooden part. However, it''s possible to cut cast iron materials with an angle grinder. Contents show 1 What do I need to cut a cast …

How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe With An Angle Grinder

2021-9-26 · Cutting cast iron pipe with an angle grinder is super easy. A sthil saw with a 300mm blade might nearly do it. The next step will be marking the part you desire to cut. Power on the angle grinder, and slowly introduce the cutting disc to the brick. Then, turn on the grinder and cut around the pipe to create a uniform groove. If you have a ...

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To cut a cast iron pipe with an angle grinder, you''ll need to place it on a workbench or use riser-clamps to lock it in place. Then, turn on the grinder and cut around the pipe to create a uniform groove. Allow the grinding wheel to penetrate a single …

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 · i need to cut a cast iron soil stack pipe with the angle grinder. Will a general metal cutting disc for steel/inox do the job or do i need to buy a specific cast iron cutting disc? Where can i buy one which is up to do job without having to fork out 30-40 quid? Thank you in advance.

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2021-3-26 · But cutting cast iron pipe with an electric angle grinder will bring better results as a grinder helps in cutting materials accurately, even though the process might be a little time-consuming. We know a cast iron pipe is quite sturdy, which means they are quite heavy.

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 · gotta cut through some cast iron soil pipe, havent done it for ages and cant rememebr what type of angle grinder blade i used, i currently have a diamond blade in there at the moment, and it seems to go through everything and anything, will that be suitable to the cast iron ? cheers

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 · Most recently I had to remove some cast iron from my fireplace last year and sawzall would not touch the stuff even after starting it with the angle grinder. Score as neatly as you can with the angle grinder then break with a cold chisel. I w You can get thin cutting blades ~ 1/8" thick at the home centers. Buy several.

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2021-11-5 · You could get a 4" angle grinder in there and cut from the inside. A worn wheel would fit better. You can also use a cut-off .045 wheel on the same grinder. That would be my choice. homebound. 11 years ago. HD has a flange assembly that slips into the pipe and is sealed with 3 gaskets on the outside.

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Re: cutting cast iron pipe; Author: PlumberManDan (IA) Angle grinder is the way to go with a diamond blade, even if you do not have access all the way around you can start the cut with the grinder and finish with the Lennox Diamond Grit blade. PlumbCat TM 2003 Plumbermandan

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Cast-iron pipe is found in many older homes, where it was used primarily for large drain pipes, such as 3-inch main drains, sewer pipes and vents. Today, cast iron is pretty much a dinosaur (at least in residential construction) that gets replaced …

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2021-5-27 · Cast iron pipework is used primarily for sewer and drainage pipe applications and is normally seen in older commercial and residential type residences. Yet, many people are unaware of how to cut cast iron sewer pipes. To cut a segment of cast iron pipe is a tricky task, particularly in case you are operating in a limited area.

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2021-9-12 · Cast iron pipes are mostly used for plumbing, drainage, and sewer pipe system. From time to time, you may have to cut the cast iron pipe and an angle grinder attaching a cut-off wheel can do this in a very easy and simple way.

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Finish the cut, cutting starting on one side and going to the other if you can. Using this method means getting a cleaner cut than starting from multiple directions and cutting towards the center of the pipe. Method 5: Using an Angle Grinder. Angle grinders can be quite versatile and may even be able to perform cutting jobs in tight quarters.

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2008-2-16 · Re: Cutting cast Iron pipes?? I''ve mentioned this plenty of times before but never on this site. Angle grinder with a 4" slotted diamond blade. <<< Both the grinder and the blade.....$25. I cut copper, galvanized, cast iron, mild steel, aluminum, wood if I have to.

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 · Cotswold Builders Member. An angle grinder with a metal blade will cut most of it, you need access all around the pipe. A sthil saw with a 300mm blade might nearly do it. Dont forget the safety glasses and dust mask. Cotswold Builders, Oct …

How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe With an Angle Grinder

Yes! You can certainly use an angle grinder to slice through cast iron pipe. With the right cutting tool, you can cut just about any size pipe. At the same time, you are going to find that the job is much easier if you have a modern angle grinder that …

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Cutting cast iron with a grinder. Author: Lone Wrencher (RI) Some plumbers I know prefer to cut 4" cast iron with a grinder, rather than a Sawzall or a chain snapper. Personally, I like a chain snapper, but sometimes you can''t use it because there''s no clearance or the cast so weak it might crumble, so often I end up using a Sawzall.

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe with an Angle Grinder

2020-12-9 · An Angle Grinder is a perfect option for not only cutting through a cast iron pipe. It caters to segmenting larger metal pieces and deals with various fabrications. The attachments option, along with higher horsepower makes it beneficial for a number of uses.